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In general 

Osteopathy treats a wide range of conditions. View here the list of possible disfunctions.



  • reflux

  • restless baby

  • constipation

  • sleeplessness

  • difficult birth

  • feeding difficulties

  • predisposition

  • ...


  • sleep difficulties

  • breathing/chest problems

  • walking pattern: intoeing, , toe-walking, ...

  • ear infections

  • asymmetrical growth

  • ...


Pregnant women

  • back pain

  • shoulder pain

  • pelvic floor problems

  • instability of the pelvis

  • ...

Frequent female disfunctions

  • dysmenorrhea or painful menstruation

  • infertility

  • endometriosis

  • cyctalgia or bladder disfunctions

  • urine leakage or urinary incontinence

  • PMS or premenstrual syndrome

  • pelvic floor problems

  • pain during sex

  • ...

Is osteopathy helpful for female health issues?

Osteopathy helps pregnant women and women with a wide range of gynecological and fertility problems. Here are some examples of the multidisciplinary approach to common female health issues.


o Osteopath: structural treatment (mobilizing the gynecological area, bladder, intestines, diaphragm, ...) reducing inflammation, balancing the hormonal system 

o Nutrition specialist: identifying endocrine disruptors, reducing the risk of inflammation (eg by reducing sugar), strengthening immunity (by means of a balanced diet), intestinal hygiene

o Physiotherapist: improving blood circulation through training

o Lifestyle coach: know your cycle and live according to it, sleep hygiene, stress management

o Gynaecologist: diagnosis, internal examination

o Surgeon: diagnosis (laparoscopy), removal of endometriosis lesions



o Osteopath: structural treatment (mobilizing gynecological area, bladder, intestines, diaphragm, ...), optimizing hormonal balance

o Gynaecologist: diagnose and treat structural problems (ovaries, fallopian tube, uterus, vagina)

o Lifestyle coach: know your cycle and live according to it, sleep hygiene, stress management​



o Osteopath: pelvic floor relaxation, pelvic alignment, neurological relaxation

o Lifestyle coach/psychologist/sexologist: listen to your body, boundries

o Physiotherapy: pelvic floor re-education



o Osteopath: hormonal balance

o Lifestyle coach/dietician: keto diet

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