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A Bit About Me

I graduated as a sports physiotherapist in 2012, but my desire to learn more about the holistic approach in solving health problems was strong. So I started studying osteopathy at the FICO Osteopathy Academy in Antwerp. 

My brother's serious health issues confronted me with traditional medicine: its strengths, but also its weaknesses. It became very clear to me that “a holistic approach” (physical, emotional and mental) is of primordial importance.

A sustainable, ecological, mostly vegetarian lifestyle combined with mental well-being and a nourishing environment are my priorities.


Work Experience

June 2012 - 2018

June 2019 - ...

June 2021 - ...


  • Physiotherapist of the men’s league Beerschot Hockey team

  • Physiotherapist in the Independent practice of Gilles Hertoghe and Björn Camerlynck

  • Physiotherapist in Medical Centre Lavey-Les-Bains, Switzerland


  • Osteopath in the multidisciplinary practice "Osteopatisch Centrum Middelburg" in Middelburg (NL) and “Revactief" in Niel

  • Osteopath in her own practice in Wilrijk

  • Osteopathic specialisation in gynaecology and female pelvic disorders

  • Osteopathic specialisation in treating children

  • Therapy in nature


June 2017 - ...

January 2023 - ...


  • 2019: 'A functional osteopathic approach to treatment' by the European Academy for Traditional Osteopathy

  • 2021: 'Pelvic and gynaecologic disfunctions' by Lieselot Theys

  • 2022: 'Visceral manipulations for female pelvic disorders' by Olivier Bazin

  • 2022: 'Treating children today - a perceptual osteopathic journey' by the European Academy for Traditional Osteopathy

  • 2022: 'A traditional view of Osteopathy in the Cranial field' by the European Academy for Traditional Osteopathy

Woman's Health

  • 2023: 'Fertility Awareness Masterclass' by Hormao

  • 2023: 'After the Pill' by Hormao

  • 2023: 'Women's Health' by Nutrition Network

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